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Training Log 6-3-2013 ( Deadlift Day)

I felt medium on this day. Mondays have seemed real hard for me lately. Here was my workout for this day.   A.) 4″ Block Deadlifts 325lbs. 5 sets x 2 reps B.) Snatch Grip Deadlifts 265lbs. 2 sets x 8 reps C.) Heavy Kettlebell Kroc Rows 40kg 1 set x 30 reps D.) Back


Training Log 5-6-2013 Deadlift Day ( Explosive)

This is a new week for me and getting close to testing my lifts again. This cycle is really kicking my butt! Everything is heavier, especially with my auxillary lifts. I have to work harder and smarter. Here is my deadlift workout for the day.   A.) Deadlifts for speed 275lbs. 5  sets x 2


Training Log 4-29-2013 Deadlift Day (Reps)

After coming back from one week layoff due to the stomach flu, I felt really strong today. My appetite is slowly coming back and looking to get back in the groove again. I’m looking to compete in my first powerlifting competition this year. Training with coach Chris Falkner at Evolution Fitness has really helped me

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