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About Us

About Us

Our staff is a crew of professional trainers with a combined experience of over 50 years in a broad variety of fields ranging from Sports/Heath Nutrition, Sports Medicine, Weight Loss, Bodybuilding, Athletic Performance Training, Kettle Bell Certification, Military/Police Academy Preparation, Post Rehab and simple Mobility Training for the elderly.

Our Approach- Assessments & Customized Fitness Programs

Before even touching a piece of exercise equipment, we’ll meet with you to establish a baseline to
help you set realistic goals. We’ll perform a postural, muscular balance, nutrition, fitness, health and lifestyle assessment. Based upon the assessment, we’ll custom-tailor an exercise program to your personal needs and lifestyle.

Training Philosophy- Improve Alignment & Muscular Balance

Incorporating various techniques, our custom tailored exercise program will emphasize correcting posture, maintaining proper form and performing exercise in a slow, controlled manner to give you optimal results safely. Our goal is to help you prevent injuries and decrease any pain you may be experiencing from muscular and/or alignment imbalances. As you progress, your trainer will monitor your improvements and fine tune your program allowing you to advance to the next level.

Nutrition- Increase Metabolism & Energy

Balance, moderation and flexibility. Those are the key ingredients for a successful nutrition plan that you’ll stick with for life. We’ll design a personalized plan that works with your lifestyle. We’ll teach you how to increase your metabolism and energy through proper nutrition.


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