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Journey to the center of the Falkner Fire, The Cube Method- Cycle One

During my process of training I have always implemented various programs to achieve various goals set for myself in the past. I have taken myself to various modes of athletic training, bodybuilding training, powerlifting training, kettlebell training, and yes even brief stints of crossfit in the past. Every type of training had its purpose in different phases of my training career and each achieving a certain level of performance. But me being the individual always striving to better myself from when I first started training, looked for better programs that could give me the most bang for my buck working on getting stronger, getting bigger, and looking better. I focused my attention on one place that has created a big name for itself in this industry of health and fitness and has been branded the name of Tucson’s School of Strength. This is where I started my journey into the unknown and where I was introduced to the cube method and the sick training methods of coach Chris Falkner. If you would like to learn more about coach Chris Falkner, here is a link to his bio

The Cube Method is similar to a powerlifting format where you have one day focused on the deadlift and you have one day focused on the bench press and you have another day focused on the squat. These are three key lifts that you will always see in a powerlifting meet. These are also three lifts that are far superior to any other movements out there to develop a lot of strength and size. These three lifts require a great of amount of energy because you are involving so many muscles to help support, stabilize, and move the weight. Even though I am already into my second cycle in this method, I’m still fairly new to the Cube Method philosophy. What I value with my training with coach Chis Falkner is that he strives to improve his programming with his clients. His clients continue to improve and perform better. This cube method continues to evolve and Chris’s coaching methods continue to evolve with it. What I’m finding out that is so unique about this method is that any type of system I have implemented in the past has been molded into this system. Not only do you have your three days of the three main lifts but you also have a fourth day where it strictly adheres to bodybuilding or like we like to call it, “Bro Day”! This day is strictly for areas that you want to bring up and is more cosmetic than anything else. On the other days you are working off your one rep max and each day will either be set up as a rep day, or an explosive day, or a heavy day and they will work off of certain percentages. You will have auxillary movements to choose from to tie into with these main lifts. let me tell you, these cycles are ten weeks long and you are definitely working! I have already developed some hate for some of the auxillary movements, like the Snatch Grip Deadlifts on deadlifts day. If you don’t know what a Snatch Grip Deadlift is, please run the other way because they are definitely not fun when you are doing high reps. The benefits are to build a stronger back and to allow for more thoracic extension so you can truly understand the concept to lead with the chest when you are deadlifting. I’m also not a big fan of 50 rep squats on squat day because my conditioning isn’t the greatest but I will conquer this for one set one day. Sucky part is when that happens coach says I have to go heavier and start all over. It harder getting stronger but this is what it takes to get to that next level.

So I have already completed my first ten week cycle and I have been very impressed with my progress with coach Chris falkner. I have hit PR’s in all three lifts during my testing week and I continue to improve. What fascinates me the most is how fast my deadlifting is improving. I have already hit 405 lb and looking to reach the 500 lb club next. I’m very impressed with the Cube Method and have already started implenting it with some of my athletes. Guess what? They have have all hit major PR’s with all lifts. I will continue my process with coach Chris Falkner and his fiery passion for programming. I’m even thinking about my first powerlifting meet this year. I’m looking to put up some big numbers. I will continue to post my journey into the Falkner Fire and I will also start posting my training log on here.


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