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Kettlebell Experience, My Personal Test Written by Ediz

Training has always been a part of my life since the age of 13. I remember picking up my first weight and thinking to myself how cool it would be to build an impressive muscular body like what I had seen in magazines with some of the professional bodybuilders I idolized back then. Not thinking about what it really took for these individuals to get at that level of muscular maturity, I decided at that point I wanted to put a 100% commitment into it and build the best and strongest body I could at that time. From that point, I worked very hard in the weight room all through high school and college and achieved great size and strength. I’ve gone through various programs to always improve my body and my performance. But there is one tool that still fascinates me the most out of all that I have done in the past that I believe is still far more superior in the present compared to anything, and that my friends is the kettlebell. So what brought me to this conclusion?

Let’s start by saying that it is important to have key individuals in your life that influence on how you grow as a person and also in my case as a business. I have been a trainer for almost fourteen years now and have been in business for myself for four years now. I have worked very hard in developing a strong foundation for myself and my business. I’m an individual who trains clients seven days a week because I’m very passionate about teaching. I love what I do is why I put so much time into it! In my fourteen years of personal training you come across a lot of people and you establish a few great connections with some of these individuals. One of these individuals is my buddy and mentor Danny Sawaya. Danny and I have known each other for several years now and have always kept in close contact with each other. Danny and I had worked together as trainers for a brief time and had great respect for each other. We respected each other in how we worked with our clients and how we treated people. I can definitely say Danny made a great impression on me. Before I got into business on my own, I ran into Danny and we shared what we had been doing lately. Danny was raving about the whole kettlebell craze at that time. He kept telling me how I needed to try it and how it would improve my performance. To be honest, I hadn’t been sold on the concept yet. I was still kind of caught up in the dark ages of personal training. At that time I still enjoyed working with the free weights and the machines. My niche was post rehab from my sports medicine background and I enjoyed doing what I did and I was comfortable with that. I guess you could say that I didn’t want to change. After I had been in business for over a year and a half, my buddy Danny decided to go out on his own. At this point he was highly promoting kettlebells. He started his business and called it Evolution Fitness. This was the start of my interest in kettlebells. Danny wanted to promote his first kettlebell workshop in my facility later that year. This was exciting for me and Danny. It was his first time conducting a kettllebell workshop and it was being done in my business. It  was a 5 to 6 hour educational workshop that brought new light into my eyes. I was also nervous at the time. I had been dealing with adrenal fatigue from undereating and overtraining at the time and I was still recovering. I didn’t know if I could handle the whole process or not. I remember Danny looking at me and telling me to just go at my own pace. Just doing a little bit of the different drills was getting me winded. I remember doing kettlebell swings and noticing how much my conditioning sucked and I was very lean at that time. This was so challenging for me and I felt at that point I needed to hit this head on. This was a personal quest I needed to conquer but I knew I couldn’t do it alone. Danny gave me the opportunity to come into his facility and to fix the cracks in my foundation so I could move better and to be able to become stronger. Kettlebells gave me an opportunity to work my body as one unit. Danny worked with me on the three foundational movements of kettlebells with the Goblet Squat, Swings, and Turkish Get Ups. I even got motivated enough to get certified as an HKC, Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification, instructor. This gave me enough motivation to keep making my foundation stronger.

I continue to train with kettlebells and implement a lot of it in my business with our clients for corrective and training purposes. I continue to train at Danny’s facility three times a week and enjoy every minute I spend there. Kettlebells have helped me so much to the point where I can train a whole hour intense and not have to stop short because I don’t have the energy. I have also transferred more into barbell work with coach Chris falkner at Evolution. Kettlebell work really helped to lay down the tough armour to endure heavy barbell work. I love implementing kettlebell work with my young athletes, especially if they train at school. This gives me an opportunity to work on building more solid foundations and to focus on technique with some of the lifts they need to improve on at school. Kettlebell work carries over into barbell work very efficiently. All my clients love and hate kettlebells all the same time. Kettlebells is hard and very challenging mentally and physically but the rewards from training with them is awesome!

Since I have been working so hard to making my foundation very strong for the past two years now, I’m now working on my process to get certified through the Strong First Kettlebell Level 1 certification. The snatch test is still my nemesis with the 24kg kettlebell. My buddy Danny provided me with a snatch test program which I implement twice a week on my off days from training. Conditioning is still a little bit of a factor for me in this process, but like all the other challenges I plan to overcome this with adversity and heart. I just want to thank Danny Sawaya and the Evolution Fitness team for helping me with my quest to get better and stronger personally and in my busness. Kettlebells has been an awesome addition to my life and I will continue to grow with it and move up the latter of success.

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